terça-feira, abril 26, 2005

"It´s a little bit funny... this feeling inside...!"

...as Elton John has once composed... "it´s a little bit funny... this feeling inside..." is something that does not allow me to sleep tonight. For the first time, my love didn´t call me on the phone... ever since we started dating, two almost three months ago. Today he would have an important meeting with somebody who has been hooked on to him for the past five years. She is an important person to him. He is living far away from me. Nothing I could do to prevent this. Right. Keep cool! Keep cool! But that´s not that easy! My feelings are burning inside. I can imagine her trying to seduce him. I can also imagine him being very nice meaning not to be rude to her... Even if "something" happens, I would have to be cool, fine, after all, I gotta be comprehensive... Gotta understand and respect his feelings too... Being condescendent, comprehensive, friendly, a nice easy-going girlfriend. But definitely that´s not easy. But I´ll go through... Tomorrow is another day.

To be very honest, I find myself very little self-confident... as could never imagine I could be with regards to this new relationship. And I´ll really miss him in case he steps back to his former girlfriend.

But only time (and patience) will tell.

I hope to be able to sleep well tonight. Because tomorrow I have a test at the Arabic language course and I wish nothing affects me at all...

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