sexta-feira, outubro 07, 2005

I believe in Soul Mates thing...

Today I went through terrible hours of a strong migrane... Slept in the dark for hours... avoided takind my usual medicine, but... I had to take one pill, and now the migrane has gone.... thank u God!!!
And during theses long hours of migrane, I was wondering (shoud I say... hallucinating??) about the existance of a soul mate... or maybe... soul mates...
My strong belief in Spiritualism drives me to this possibility, and to the sensation that I have found one of my own... Yes!! That strong signal, clue, indication, motion, noteworthy thing that THE soul mate has finally shown up? Right in front of my eyes... evidently... Not only being able to notice it, but also hear it, feel it?
That insight has made me feel alive!! It´s so exciting to know that day after day, destiny has been so generous to me, giving me the chance to explore every single possibility of being in tight connection to the quintessence of happiness of life... What a bliss!!
Life is now even more enjoyable! More than that... it is a forever-lasting joy!
Thank you God & all the Spirits!!

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