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Elizabethtown - the movie of my lifetime!

Elizabethtown - the movie of my lifetime!
It´s now 3:45A.M. almost Saturday morning. Today I´ve had a hard day. And I really felt like chatting a little to someone nice & easy, always funny... to relax and feel comforted ´cause the day was pretty stressing! But then I saw on the shelf a DVD that I had just bought from the Blockbuster´s used dvd corner this week... and I bought it very cheap not even knowing about the film itself. I just knew it was a beautiful story. That´s all I wanted: a beautiful story. That´s what I need in my life: a beautiful story. To win the demons and all negative energies around, what do I need? A beautiful story! Very simple, as life should be. (People make it complicated, huh?) Then, I decided to watch it.
Well, then let me tell you that I won´t tell the plot... of course. ´Cause I want you to watch it. And watch it more than once, if you can. (I`ll do it, once I bought the DVD!) All I can write about here is the moral of the story, the message contained in it... (that´s what I really like about movies... I love those that make me reflect about life, people, attitudes...) And we can see throughout the whole movie that many feelings derived from unexpected situations come out all together: frustration, suicidal feeling, sadness, boredom, despair, solidarity, union, companionship, friendship, love, love, love, love, love, love...
Now the scenes come to my mind in a flashback, but I´d rather not telling you the plot, which would be easier to me to make you understand the mixed up feelings I had and, what really matters to us morally while alive.
For most people that have commented this movie to me, it has been interpreted as "just" an ordinary story about a small town and the conflicts involving it. I really doubted it. Somehow I knew beforehand that the story would impress me. The fact is that Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst were amazingly captivating on the scenes... we could see real feeling in their eyes. This helps a lot to make you understand what the feelings are all about. Well, the storyline invites you to think about how small gestures of goodness and companionship and love from many different perspectives are important to change somebody else´s feelings and destinies. While watching this, you feel yourself identified in many similar thoughts and you´ll probably have same kind of reaction as the characters do. It´s amazing how an apparently simple story (but a great plot), which may even take place anywhere in the planet, may rise such a complex range of feelings inside. And scene after scene, nothing is predictable, all is surprisingly new, and charming, and beautiful... as life should be faced. The original sound track is "the" one, fitting absolutely perfectly to background the scenes and the people. Susan Sarandon is touching, wonderful, delightfully sensitive, as well as Orlando and Kirsten. And all other actors and actresses too!!!
This is my movie! This is what I want to do to my life: to be simple, good, funny, full of affection and smart! Last part is absolutely wonderful: "why haven´t I done this to my life too?"
It´s just beautiful, as life should be! As life can be! As my life will be!

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