domingo, abril 16, 2006


During one single day, I experienced many situations that made me deeply reflect... and I´m still wondering what is the meaning of each thing thta happens to us all the time...

Weird things 1: when I dropped off at St. Cecilia Station, I had in my mind to go to Sé Station, then bound for Jabaquara and there catching a bus for SBC. That itinerary would take me an hour and 20m or so... While I was in the train, my mind had gone somewhere... tripping... and I just forgot to drop off at Sé. and I just realized that I missed the station when its doors closed. Then I decided o get off at Pedro II and return. While walking on the platform to find the other way round, some brilliant (but risky) idea came to my mind: catch the direct bus to SBC... "brilliant" because it would be easier and faster to reach my destination, but "risky" because maybe the buses might have the itineraries changed!

Weird things 2: Then I passed through the female restroom and I was feeling like going into... but i was wondering whether I should I go or not... After all, I was so concerned about the direct bus... what if I go to the restroom and the bus comes and I miss it? At the moment I got to the bus stop, The bus came... can u believe it?

Weird things 3: back to hometown... at my parents' ... mummy & daddy went to work early in the morning with their truck. But returned later on a cab... the truck broke down on their way back home. Then, I offered myself to go together in the other car and then help daddy in fixing it. There we went, me and mummy and daddy. Oh, I have to say I was glad that I went home that night so that I was able to stay together. And I bet they were happy too... Thank you, my God and the Spirits for driving me home that night...

Weird thing 4: while the truck was being repaired, a suspicious car parked very close to our car all of a sudden . "My God!" - I thought and I run to get the car locked. I don´t know why I did this, if suspicious individuals come to us, that would be easy to take our car away... locked or not... Then, from the apparently suspicious car, a man in a suit and tie appeared. And guess what! Amazingly, a boy that lived in the neighbourhood many years ago and used to work for my family in the family business. He stopped and offered his help.

Those were signs to me. At all times of our live, Spirits are by our side to guide us - to live he way we have to live!

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