sexta-feira, outubro 06, 2006

I feel like I´m on a roller-coaster

Like Roller-Coaster
Today I was supposed to get my battery fully loaded, but loading failed.
Perhaps I know the reasons. Maybe I don´t want to admit them. Surely one fact was cruel to me. On a gag, a not-so-close friend said I look like 37y.o. Oh, my God!!! I felt kind of shocked. This single thing ruined my day, my night, maybe the rest of the weekend... I feel like disappearing for some time... I wish I could go to Tibet, where nobody knows me and where I could find myself in peace, at least try to...
Yesterday I was high, enthusiastic, alive and kicking, today I feel really down... I hope tomorrow I will be able to feel stable. Anyway, at this right moment, I feel I´m in a roller-coaster... with feelings of deep and dark emptiness.
Tomorrow, when I wake up, I want to wake up bright, smart, corageous...

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