terça-feira, outubro 10, 2006

About Sex and the City - Season 3 - Episodes 7-12

I have been watching this amazingly fantastic series SEX AND THE CITY on DVD and as I´ve been absolutely addicted to it ever since I have started watching, I felt like dropping a quick line here about my thoughts on these episodes (7-12) from Season 3.
I just hated Carry to do what she did to Aidan, her current boyfriend. That was unfair! She totally screwed up her beautiful relationship with Aidan. She slept with Mr. Big, who is her married ex-boyfriend and she did love him a lot despite the mess he did to her life. After all, she decided she had to tell the truth to Aidan. Awful. Aidan was absolutely hurt. Well, she shouldn´t have slept with Mr. Big... I mean, to me, I felt so disappointed in seeing her, an intelligent, bright, successful woman falling into the messy trap of Mr. Big... and betrayed Aidan, such a nice perfect guy! That was pretty shocking to me... Seriously. But once she did the mess, now she should be able to clean it up, not mess it up even more...
Yesterday I had just spent some time chatting about this to one of my best friends ever, and we had discussed about telling or not telling truths in a relationship. And I remember we agreed that lies are not good to any relationships at all. And my mind went back to the discussion when I saw one scene, where Aidan says he would rather be better not knowing about her betrayal. Oh, my! That broke my heart and made me wonder whether certain truths are better not to be told: not for the sake of being honest or not, but for the sake of not hurting each other.
Now I can´t sleep thinking of how this story is goint to end...
Tomorrow I´ll have to get the following episodes... the next disc...

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