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Cold, windy, rainy dawn - and why it is worthy...

Cold, windy, rainy dawn - and why it is worthy...

Early Friday morning and I didn´t get to sleep yet. Yesterday evening, our flight has been delayed 1h20m due to crew rest. Not only that. The flight had been oversold, therefore we needed to find volunteers to be rerouted by another air carrier, through an alternative itinerary. For those who are used to fly a lot or to work for airline industry, this is quite familiar. And it happens any time for any number of reasons. And one and most important these days is about safety.

But for us employees, these frequent delays somehow give us hassle. Especially to me yesterday, my biggest trouble was leaving the workplace: last bus had gone. I was able to catch a ride with an old friend and formerly boss to downtown. Then I would be able to catch another last bus from downtown to home. Guess what? I missed it. It was just about time to catch it, but to be honest, I considered thoughtful of me if I walk her from the parking lot (two blocks from her place) and then, we walked and talked like on those old days we used to do. Whenever I missed my last bus, I used to go to a 24-hour lan-house and spend a couple of hours there, and by 5a.m. I would be able to catch the first one in the morning (already today). And I did that.

Around 5a.m. I left the lan-house to the bus stop. It has started raining and I was luckily carrying my umbrellas. But really not prepared for a cold, very cold and windy dawn. While standing up by the bus stop, my hands started freezing. I was wearing my uniform plus a very thin jacket, something just usual for some cool early... Summer?? Oh, no, definitely this wheather is driving me crazy. So cold and windy and rainy... How come this could be already Summer? Why wasn´t I carrying a scarf, a pair of gloves... Why was I there at 5a.m. going back home? The only thing that stopped me from asking myself so many questions was my pocket radio, which I turned on and music, oh music... it was all I needed to forget about all that!

Tired of waiting I just caught any bus and later dropped off somewhere in the half-way and caught another one bound for my road. That was enough for this endless trip home. That was all because the flight has been delayed.

But there is one single thing that made my day valuable after all: just now I remember that one of the passengers that volunteered for rerouting on another airline on his way home said he is a frequent flyer and he is familiar to all these irregular and unexpected operations, and that he was very ímpressed about my professionalism and kindness in trying to solve all his pending issues during the transfer procedure. There I was. At another airline, waiting for everything to be all set for him, his new boarding pass, his new baggage tag, his new itinerary back home... But feeling very good for trying all my best to make his way home easier. And so he did to mine. And that made my day worthy. Thank you, mr. passenger!

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Blogger Ricardo de Freitas disse...

Eu me lembro muito bem dessa época.
Era uma mistura de stress com a satisfação de ter feito bem o meu trabalho.

Foram três anos muito felizes da minha vida.

10/11/06 18:27  

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