domingo, dezembro 03, 2006

The Guy in the Bus

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Guy in the Bus
There is this girl, or better say, this woman, in her thirties, sitting on a bench at the bus stop, waiting for her bus to go home. Cool night in a lively big city, lots of cars on the streets late at night. She´s tired, her work day hasn´t been easy that day. A bit screwed up because her boyfriend hasn´t been a good guy to her, not nice, not paying much attention to her feelings, well... life is not that easy and perfect.

Her thoughts were somewhere else... in a sentimental journey, when suddenly a bus stopped. Not hers. Frustrating. Then, suddenly she raises her eyes and there is that guy, in his early twenties, sitting by the window, inside that bus. He smiles very gently and waives his hands to her. She looks around, thinking "oh, who´s this guy looking at?". Nobody next. The guy was smiling, waiving his hands "hello!" and very fast he kissed his left palm and he blew her a kiss. She smiled shyly, and she felt her cheeks to turn red. She turned her eyes down to the ground and was never able to raise her eyes back to him, a bit ashamed, thrilled, and happy. Immediately that scene reminds her of an episode from HBO Series Sex and the City, when the central character Carrie was living in Paris, and she was feeling bored because her boyfriend was having a busy life and she was wandering in the streets alone. One afternoon, she sits down on a bench by the Sene river and then there is a boat with tourists on. There is a tourist guy on the boat who has a video camera in his hands and he films her. And he waives her "hello" or "bye-bye". The scene is adorable, and my friend here thinks: "aw, is this life imitating art?"

In this big city of more than twelve million people, the busy life makes people bad-tempered most of the times, tired of the crazy life style, where time and money rules and no simple human affection is shown easily. And there it is, probably a tourist guy sitting by the window, waiving her hello and blowing a kiss, happily smiling! She could hardly believe. She was feeling ugly that day, tired, bored, and she had even hidden herself behind her pair of glasses, like a nerd.

As she told me this story, she asked me to blog it, and make it public, so maybe if sometime, somewhere that guy in the bus ever reads this piece of thoughts he may know that she´s saying thank you so much for that thrilling moment!

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